Where Does Your Money Go?

100% of your donated money will go to help settle the sponsored family once the family arrives.

Your donated money will be held in trust with Ryerson until we are ready to prepare our sponsored family’s new home.  We will have a team bank account where two core members must co-sign for all expenses.

We must adhere to Ryerson’s Financial Disbursement Guidelines as summarized below:

  1. The team must provide receipts for all expenditures made on behalf of the family.
  2. The team must provide evidence of all transfers made to the family eg. bank transfers, cheques etc.
  3. In the case that the team provides cash to the family, the family must sign to indicate that they have received the cash and understand the purposes for which the money was paid (eg. we have a proposed form in English and Arabic)
  4. The family does not need to provide receipts for the expenditures they make with this money but the team is ultimately accountable to ensure that the funds are spent more or less as intended (ie to ensure financial responsibility and sustainability)

The following is our planned for expenditure for our sponsored family:

Set-up One-time Expenses:

  • Living Room furnitureWishToDonateButton
  • Bedroom furniture for family
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Initial Kitchen groceries
  • Clothing Parents & Children

Operating Monthly Expenses:

  • Rent
  • Phone
  • Groceries
  • Toiletries / cleaning supplies
  • Transportation
  • Other (school supplies)


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